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Huaian Hengda golden age fine Fitness Club

  On the left bank of the shop is located in Garden Road and State Road intersection at Juyi International Plaza, Beiyi Zhengzhou large residential community in the 21st century community, across the road and Zhengzhou auto world, club set fitness, entertainment, leisure, catering for the integration, business area of nearly 4000 square meters, has the world advanced fitness brand Technogym high-end fitness equipment, and that the golden age of professional customer service team and coach the team can achieve reduce fat, increased muscle, shaping, rehabilitation and prenatal prepared pregnant and postpartum recovery, a variety of fitness services; simultaneously the club opened there are aerobics, yoga, Pilates, bike features League. In order to meet the needs of different population fitness. The club has opened since 2007, has successfully provided professional health services to nearly 10000 people. The club will continue to hold high the "fitness is lifelong health education, service is our eternal pursuit of" the corporate philosophy, to make every effort to have the quality of life needs of customers with quality products and services.