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Company profile

Golden Times Fitness, full name is Goldentimes Technology Health Industrial Co., Ltd. Since its foundation on May 8th, 1988, Golden Times has been dedicating itself to all-people fitness movement, persisting in "Fitness is the lifelong health education" and makes "leading China's fitness industry and creating an international fitness brand" as its responsibility. Golden Times takes "foothold in Zhengzhou, serve Henan, impact the world" as its goal to create first-class fitness brand. At present, the company has been operating and will operate more than 70 branches.

In recently years, Golden Times Fitness gradually achieves regional and strategic cooperation with Hengda group, Lvdi group, Wanke group, achieves strategic cooperation alliance with Shanghai commercial real estate, hand in hand with DE LAGE LANDEN, Everbright Bank, Technogym and other famous enterprises, which refreshes Golden Times Fitness's expansion across the country. On Oct 18th, 2014, Golden Times Fitness successfully held 2014 Golden Times IFBB pro Asian championship, which means Chinese bodybuilding and fitness industry stepped into the forest of world's top bodybuilding contests. At the same year, Golden Times firstly and successfully held the eleventh Mai Baohe Cup Golden Times Night International Bodybuilding Contest which completed the commercialization of its own events.

In Jul, 2012, Golden Times and Hengda Real Estate, domestic well-known real estate developers, signed Luoyang Hengda Oasis Sports Center cooperation agreement. Since then, it opened the prelude of strategic cooperations of both sides! Up to now, both sides have preliminarily determined Anyang Hengda, Xinxiang Hengda, Zhengzhou Jinbitianxia, Zhengzhou Mingzhu, Xuchang Hengda, Wugang Hengda, Xinyang Hengda, Luohe Hengda ang other fitness clubs and sports centers will be continuously handed to Golden Times and be put into operation. While, sports center project is the largest sports and recreation venue in China at present. Monomer construction area amounts to more than 15 thousand square meters and it has luxury refined decoration and possesses the world's best sports fitness equipments. In addition, exquisite series: Xinxiang Lvducheng Store, Luoyang Senna Spring store which are cooperated with Yutong real estate, Kaifeng Olivecity store, east Zhengzhou store which are collaborated with Yaxing real estate and others. A nearly total of 45 directly managed projects and cooperative projects are also gradually started!

In Apr, 2013, Golden Times Fitness Club associated with Everbright Bank Zhengzhou Branch and issued the "national fitness sunshine credit card". The national fitness sunshine credit card is one kind of bank card on the subject of fashion, sports and health. This credit card will let fitness enthusiasts have a new experience to health and the vitality of life. The cardholders of national fitness card not only can enjoy exclusive membership treatment in Golden Times fitness club, but also can experience real-time examination and approval, real-time credit, real-time payment "instantaneous loan" business provided by the Everbright Bank. the card can be timely obtained examination and approval, thus reducing the waiting time. It can be described as "health and vitality, instantaneous possess". Cardholders of national fitness sunshine joint credit card are the symbol of Golden Times fitness club membership. They not only can enjoy powerful functions and excellent service of Everbright credit card, but also are able to enjoy the best healthy exercises of Golden Times fitness club.

On July 8th, 2013, Golden Times Fitness and De Lage Landen-one of the would’s top ten finance companies established strategic cooperative relationship.De Lage Landen expressed that it would provide a full range of financial leasing services for Golden Times to support its rapid and sound development, which would successfully push Golden Times into broader space for development. This cooperation is also the maiden voyage for De Lage Landen in Chinese fitness market and at present, Golden Times is also the first and the only strategic cooperative partner of De Lage Landenin fitness industry.

In Apr, 2013, after long-term unremitting efforts, Golden Times succeeded officially signed authorization protocol with occupation department of IFBB. Golden Times will hold “ IFBB PRO ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ” on 24, Oct to 26, 2014. “ IFBB PRO ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ” is the most influential occupation bodybuilding contest. The event will be made by Golden Times cooperating with Olympic events operation team. The total money award will amount to 60 thousand dollars. The event will adopt the competition system of Olympic Games. Referees will be comprised of Chinese referees, American referees and many other countries' referees. All competitors who have received the approval from IFBB and obtained occupation card are able to sign up for the championship.