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Club introduction

In order to enhance the health level of each member, improve life style and achieve the goal of body-building, Golden Times fitness club is equipped with professional aerobic fitness equipments with complete functions, muscle training apparatus and scientific and advanced physical agility detection system. At the same time, Golden Times continuously increase and perfect the new fitness services projects according to the international fitness trends. In addition, Golden Times also provides scientific and rigorous fitness teaching and training system to members and customizes bran-new personal fitness program according to varied physical agility levels of members. All stores of club are all located in downtown areas of Zhengzhou City and enjoy convenient transportation. Stores have fashional Facilities, complete apparatuses, spacious environment which is bright, clean, good natural ventilation. All these provide a good fitness environment and atmosphere for the general members and fitness enthusiasts. Club has the following advantages and characteristics:

1. Accurate market positioning

Golden Times fitness club is fully able to meet the fitness needs of all levels of society with its high-grade collocation, high, middle and low prices, higher cost performance. Golden Times is rapidly occupying the fitness market with fast speed of development.

2.Powerful coach team

Golden Times fitness club has an excellent coach team and each personal trainer conceives fitness related certifications, rich experience and thoughtful service. Coaches will customize personalized professional training plan and provide individual nutrition consultation for members, which will let every member easily complete fitness and exercise targets and enjoy the perfect physique. Among these coaches, there are senior coaches who once participated in domestic and foreign competitions and won awards, like Ma Zitao; president of Golden Times club training school, chief personal trainer director, won the overall champion in Henan Province bodybuilding contest in 2001, won the second place in nationwide bodybuilding contest in 2001, participated in bodybuilding competition projects in world sports meeting held in Japan on behalf of the Chinese bodybuilders and came out top, like Shang Shuli; PT general inspector of club, has won the national 80KG grade bodybuilding champion in 1997; All coaches have rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. You will benefit a lot from their guidance.

3.High quality customer service

Every customer service staff of Golden Times fitness club is able to put "focus attention, customer first; service foremost, happy fitness" as the first priority of work. Customer service staffs strive to provide thoughtful, detailed service and first-class fitness atmosphere to each member to create advanced customer service philosophy of club.

4.First-class exercise apparatuses

As one of the four famous brands in the world, Italian TECHNOGYM always provides the best exercise apparatuses. TECHNOGYM is the fitness apparatus designated equipment of competitors in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the 2006 Olympic Winter Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

In the spirit of letting members rest assured and satisfy, Golden Times fitness clubs adopt top apparatuses of the world fitness industry which produced by Technogym and other famous enterprises. These apparatuses bring comfort, safety and effectiveness to members in the fitness process with its characteristic of human engineering design.

5. Advanced test equipment

Golden Timea fitness club is equipped with scientific, advanced and functional physical agility examination system in order to better meet the purpose of bodybuilding of members. The professional testing equipment will conduct a full range of detection to vital capacity, grip strength, fat content, choice reaction time, heart and lung function, balance, muscle strength, body composition (protein, fat, inorganic salt, skeletal muscle, water etc.) for you. Club will provide professional sports prescription, scientific exercise training plan and reasonable, healthy dietary advices to you according to your physical status, thus giving you real care and concern.

6. Rich fitness courses

Except fashional Kwando aerobics, yoga, hot yoga, hip-hop, belly dance, aerobics, Chinese dance, step, Latin dance, Pilates, Tai Chi, barbell aerobics, kickboxing, spinning, ball gymnastics, boxing exercises, balance exercises, karate, there are also gluteal health curriculum, "tender resistance group super shaping class (8 person) " and other varied curriculums. In addition, Golden Time fitness club also develops a set of advanced and integrated G-P0WER aerobics curriculum system by itself. Scientific and fashionable courses combine finess and body-building as a whole and are taught by a number of internationally qualified coaches, which can meet requirements of all fitness men and women.

7.High market share

Golden Times fitness club has been approved by fitness and bodybuilding industry at home and abroad, at the same time, it is also welcomed by the vast number of fitness people. Members have reached more than 50 thousand people in Henan and surrounding provinces and cities. Golden Times has surpassed other fitness clubs and is at the forefront in China and become the preferred fitness brand for majority of people with its excellent quality and good reputation.

8.Happy fitness atmosphere

Golden Times fitness club advocates "service foremost, happy fitness ". There are large theme activities and member sodality at each month, which will let members, members and club staffs contact with zero distance. Members are able to duplicate the happy fitness factors to the daily life and gain physical and mental pleasure.

9.Social welfare activities

Golden Times fitness club does not forget the social welfare undertakings in their own development. In 2007, Golden Times conducted "relay of love" -- ten clubs helped orphans and deaf children, hundred of bikes counted down to the Olympic Games and funded for Henan's 08 Olympic champions, sent relief to disaster areas and contributed money and other welfare activities, which has received strong response from all sectors of society.

10.Professional fitness training -- dance art training school of Golden Times

Golden Times fitness management company set up Golden Times dance art training school in order to meet company's and society's increasing demand of aerobics instructors, private coaches and other professional talents. Company invites professional senior trainers to carry out all-round teaching, improvement and packaging to trainees. Company possesses a comprehensive set of training and assessment certification system. Golden Times dance art training school takes strict teaching quality, rigorous assessment process, going to posts after qualified training as objective and has delivered a large number of excellent and professional fitness talents to the company and society. The company offers systemic occupation development path to trainees.

11.Golden Times bodybuilding night contest with international influence

Golden Times fitness management company has successfully held many sessions of Golden Times bodybuilding night contests. This contest not noly builds competition, communication and consultation platform for domestic and foreign bodybuilding champions and bodybuilders, but also displays the strength of Golden Times enterprise and the grand ideals of promoting bodybuilding career.

We firmly believe that only the first-class equipment, first-class environment, first-class management system, first-class services and consistent efforts of all staffs can we win more members and create greater glories. Let us make joint efforts to create aircraft carrier of the national fitness industry !

In Golden Times fitness club, what you experience is not just simple fitness, it is a kind of fashionable life concept and it will bring inside-out complete relaxation and health to every member.

Welcome every faddish people who loves life to "Golden Times fitness club". Here, you will have a "healthy, beautiful, fashionable" new experience. Here, you will change your life and fully enjoy the happiness of life with a brand-new yourself!