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[Gansu province] Golden Times Lanzhou Hengda Mingdu exquisite club

  Golden Times Lanzhou Hengda Mingdu exquisite club opened in Feb, 2015 and has an area of 4000 square meters. It has eight fitness training areas: four-season constant temperature swimming pool, strength training area, aerobics training area, aerobics group class hall, spinning hall, multi function training room, 360 comprehensive training area, table tennis hall. And it also has changing clothes shower and sauna facilities.

  It offers yoga, dumbbell exercises, dynamic pedal, Tai Chi, folk dance, spinning and other distinguishing training courses. It also has billiards, chess and card room, nutrition restaurant, children's playground and other leisure areas which is one comprehensive platform combining fitness, business and entertainment. It is equipped with central heating and cooling air-conditioning, WiFi coverage to offer warm, comfortable, professional fitness training and leisure entertainment environment to member friends.