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Mr. Gao Yan was warmly welcomed, after arriving at Tehran Airport in Iran

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On December 3, Mr. Gao Yan, Chairman of the Golden Age, and his party arrived in Tehran, Iran, and had friendly cooperation and exchanges with the Iranian Fitness Club. They were warmly welcomed at the airport and interviewed by the media!


Mr. Gao Yan, Chairman of the Golden Age Fitness, said: "The last time I came to Iran was still silent ten years ago. It was a matter of international trade. I supplied the dissolved electrode of the Iranian fiberglass factory. I set foot on this land again ten years later. The reporters who already have sports channels have worked hard to meet the arrival at 9:00 in the evening. In fact, they have flights at 3 am, but they have got what they want. The golden age also shows the internationalization of humor and calmness. The Iranian counterparts will have a live TV forum in two days, and it is possible to share with you, the famous world, the golden age is serious.